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Jim and Lynnette Brady


 Lynnette and I (Jim) are probably not the "typical" consultants!  After being employed as a production manager in a large corporation for over 25 years, I have watched our daughter grow her Scentsy business and my wife, Lynnette, and I decided to join her team.....this is fun!    We're meeting wonderful people here in Idaho at Scentsy fundraisers, home parties, and trade shows across the country.   Now we're starting to build our own team (the internet is very helpful!)... join us and we'll help you get going in this great business, no matter where you live!  Our team is growing across the nation...and our group reaches other countries now!  Our Scentsy business is exciting and growing!When I (Lynnette) was first introduced to the Scentsy Product I loved the fragrances and the ability to safely make my home smell wonderful!  I encouraged my daughter to sign up to be a consultant, but thought that I was too busy and didn't have time for it.  I did buy a warmer from my daughter and several scents and really liked that my friends mentioned that my home smelled good!  Then Jim got laid off from his job of 26 years!  He took some time to decide what he wanted to do next and we decided that Scentsy was a great business.  He started to work in the business and added my name as a co-consultant, but I still was "too busy".  He grew the business through fairs and shows and was doing a great job, when I had my time commitments change and I realized that I wanted to work side by side with him in our retirement years!  So now I have started going to shows with him, and even had my first party and found that it is tremendous fun and very exciting to watch our business grow! 

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*Consultants earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and 25 percent on all sales after that, plus up to 9 percent bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume based on rank and a 5 percent bonus when monthly sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV. They may also earn leadership bonuses based on downline sales. Qualification for incentive trips is determined annually.